Two Years!

Can’t believe I have not posted anything in two years! I just keep renewing the blog in hopes that some day I will write something personal. (Today is special because the credit card they want to charge is no longer valid and I had to get on the site to change it.) The newsletter I have been editing for the local AA community has taken some energy; when one edits, one does not write many personal pieces. What’s more, anything I do write for that needs to sound like it comes from The Grapevine. If you are familiar with that magazine, you know that the stories follow a pattern that allows writers to use a kind of boilerplate closing. I keep promising myself to use this poor orphaned blog to leave the “Conference Approved” approach and really develop one or two of the articles I did manage to write. I could even create something that doesn’t have anything to do with sobriety! A wonderful woman is going to guest edit the next newsletter, so maybe the Spirit will help me use that time for deep down writing.

We just got back from a trip to visit my mother. She, almost 93, carries her dementia with a cheerful disposition. A while back, I found two of her writings in an old composition book: a children’s story and notes for a high school speech. While we were visiting, I also found a paper she wrote (in 1996) for her study club. All of those are going into a little book she can give people this Christmas (if the pandemic will lift enough to let us have a signing party).

This little bit of writing has been great fun. May it continue!!

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