Beginner blogging

I do not know what I am doing. How do I get a row of tabs across the page? Make everything look better? Clicking around on random tutorials confuses me. Decades ago, a pompous therapist said I was wandering around like a blind pig in the woods, and that is what this feels like.









Here’s a sample  question.  How do I get rid of that extra space up there?  

Does anyone else flounder around before wondering how to do things?  In Education-speak, I am a haptic learner, someone who doesn’t read or listen but charges around on her own and drives teachers crazy. Most of the time, charging around is pretty fun,  but right now it might be easier to follow a little structure.  Flipping through pages and index hopping still beats clicking on links.  Who knows about a good, EASY book about blogging?  The idea seems sort of counter intuitive,  and I would rather tell you all about this year’s gardens, but . . .

McCracken County Fair Head  2014

P.S.  This post was supposed to take about ten minutes and it has probably been two hours.   

6 Comments on “Beginner blogging

  1. 2 hours vs. 10 minutes. Yup. Also, WP has two editing modes, visual & text. I find the text window easier. Also, formatting is very limited, at least on No tabs. Few graphic choices.


  2. That big space below the pig doesn’t show up in the blog, only on the email. I’m having a bird on each shoulder moment this morning. One says go to church & fulfill my obligations, the other says go back to bed. I’ll be a good girl today. I can always take a church nap this afternoon. I don’t feel so bad about it now that it has an official name.


  3. I decided not to go to church. Isn’t that funny? The church birds are quiet, but the school work ones are squawking. Unpaid labor beckons–can you believe I crunch numbers as my administrative (release-time-is not-enough) duties? Hope church is/was fun and that the nap is magical.


  4. I’m about to start a blog too. I may hire a geek to do it for me. Looks like it would be awesome if done right. I want to spend more time writing and less time figuring everything out.


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