Last Free Day?

Distraction reigns supreme

From “Heads Up Alabama” Project

This is probably the last day I will be appointment-free for the foreseeable future. Every day contains at least one commitment.  A trip to North Carolina for a convention–fun for me, work for my husband– comes at the end of next week. ( I might be able to write while he goes to meetings.)   The week after that is the third summer visit  to my hometown. My mother is living with dementia, and the other family members need as many breaks as I can provide.  Then it’s back to school, short sleep, hope, love, frustration, crammed-full days, and all that goes with teaching.

I am supposed to have finished a big project by the time the teachers’ meetings start, but it is a bunch of cut-and-paste work, and maybe no one will actually want it for a while. Today, then, went for working on a blog entry or essay (how do you tell the difference???).  It is about two weddings, one two years ago and one three days ago.  This writing began after the first wedding–and it’s too complicated to finish today. That is frustrating.

Let me just say hello and love to all of you.  May we all have the patience to let the work of our hearts take as long as it takes. May we forgive ourselves for the need to show something for our efforts before it’s time.

McCracken County Fair Head  2014

Seen at a Fair in Kentucky

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