Looking Backward 1

Philosopher frog

For the last three years, I have been paying for this site but writing nothing except my daily journal and documents for my job. Change has arrived, however; the dry spell ended. I want to share new images, questions, and insights, but a couple of failed pieces from the past come back to haunt me. So many years have passed that they seem new. Rewriting this one from my drinking days helped me see with honest eyes.

Staggering Prayer

This peanut butter and honey sandwich on one piece of folded bread
might absorb the vodka and wine in my stomach; they made me stagger
Walking the dog meant gripping the leash for stability.
Showering required holding onto the wall.
Squeezing honey into my tea made a huge spill.
He came into the kitchen, pale, thin-lipped, staring.
"How did you get so drunk?" he asked as he cleaned up my mess.
How did I get so drunk?
Please help me stop

(begun in 2010, one year before sobriety date #2)
Broken glasses of red wine splashed on hardwood parquet floor

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